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Unique Pottery

Crafting Unique Pottery for Beautiful Gifts and Long Lasting Function

Are you searching for a wedding gift that will stand out from the crowd? Earth and Fire Pottery offers up a complete line of unique pottery that breaks the mold. Each piece can stand on its own or become part of a complete ceramic collection in colors that reflect our green and growing earth. Thrown by master potter Gregg Lindsley, they can last for years as part of your kitchen and dining room. Ready to serve up food, hold cold drinks, or help you wash up, you can rely on its rugged yet beautiful construction.

One of a Kind Pottery Featuring Timeless Beauty

Does your table need a platter to serve as a centerpiece, holding a bounty of fruit or flowers? Maybe you love to make sauerkraut, but would really like a traditional clay pot to properly age it. You will not find our one-of-a-kind pottery in the malls or as part of a sponsored ad online. No two pots are the same as our glazing process allows the colors to naturally bloom and form on each piece. It will never go out of style, but instead, endure as part of a happy and active household.

Handmade using Sustainable Materials for a Better World

We believe in a small carbon footprint and impacting our environment as little as possible. You can bring it into your home and use it safely. The base material is simple clay, just like the ceramics produced for millennia by our ancestors. Modern kilns, glazing, and shaping techniques add a modern twist to this timeless art form. We are happy to accept commissions for custom pieces.

Located in the lush green mountains of Northern California, we are happy to ship your purchase anywhere in the United States. Or visit our small shop and see samples of Earth and Fire Pottery in person.

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