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Handmade Ceramics

Durable Handmade Ceramics Ready for a Lifetime of Work

How often have you purchased a beautiful bowl or pitcher and brought it home only to discover it is not for use with food. At Earth and Fire Pottery, we believe that our pieces should live an active life in your kitchen. Our handmade ceramics feature a unique mix of colors that reflect the natural world around us, which helps them to complement almost any decor. Their shape is formed with their function in mind, avoiding slender joins with a tendency to break.

Your Source for Artisanal Pottery Near Me

No machines are used in the crafting of our ceramics. The hands of master potter Gregg Lindsley carefully form their curves on the traditional potters wheel. They are glazed by hand and placed into a kiln for firing. There is no automation or mass production. Each pot and plate is special and unique, waiting to become part of an active home. Your purchase of our artisanal pottery supports a local Lake County craftsman and our business.

Stunning Colors and Styles that Complement Your Home

When you want to avoid that do-it-yourself TV home design, look to small local artists to decorate your kitchen. Earth and Fire Pottery offers up large platters, cereal bowls, mugs, pitchers, and jugs that will give your space a twist of style and energy. You can expect to put your piece to work and wash it every day. Revisit our shop every year to build your ceramic collection that will be unlike any others in your neighborhood or your city.

Browse our online shop and have it shipped. We use a secure payment system that protects your personal information. We box and ship each order ourselves with care.

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