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MON - FRI:  9am-4pm

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Earth and Fire Pottery is the outgrowth of a philosophy that started in 1969 when what is today known as the counter culture exploded on college campuses and other regions around the country.  I entered Ithaca College then, majoring in Radio and TV,  although I had another reason, to put 4 years of college between Vietnam and myself.  I was strongly against killing other humans.  I became a draft resister, and with the help of a draft counselor, used  a small and unknown loophole in the selective service law to fulfill my obligation to the draft, and would no longer be considered by the military for service.

Radio and TV was a bore, and i no longer had a reason to attend college. I stayed another year, becoming the editor of the college paper, tranferred to Vassar, (the second year they admitted men), and stayed a year. Not as fun as you might think.

Left school and joined the Ithaca  Project, an experiment in alternative capitalism, where the five businesses we established would run on 4 percent profit period.  All costs were paid, and the 4 percent went back into the business.  We wanted to show that quality products and services could be offered without pricing the product as high as one could get for it.

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