Gregg Lindsley Master Potter

             Sauerkraut Crocks  - French Butter Dishes - Yarn Bowls - Large Mugs - Belly Mugs - Rice Bowls - Cereal Bowls 

                                                                    Sponge Holders                        Olive Oil Dispensers

Earth and Fire Pottery is founded on the principles of living a simple life, loving others, doing no harm and practicing non-violence. We make stunning works of art designed for everyday use from sustainable materials at a sustainable price. Each piece is lovingly hand crafted by Master Potter Gregg Lindsley to bring functional beauty into your home and into your hands. We believe that each moment we make more beautiful makes the world a more beautiful place.

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Mugs ready to fire

Large Mug

Sauerkraut Crock

Function and Beauty

Earth and Fire Pottery

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Finley, Ca., 95426

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